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Best places to work in money management

Westwood Holdings Group

Building goodwill: Employees working on a Habitat for Humanity home, a product of hours of hammering and a lot of heart.

Additional winners, managers with 100 to 499 employees


$23.6 billion AUM

Years won: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Popular perks:

  • Celebrates employee achievements with public recognition that includes the annual “Silver Whistle” award for a single outstanding individual who reflects the firm's values; the “Wizards of Westwood” award for the investment team with the best peer ranking for the calendar year; and the “Warriors of Westwood” award in which the executive team recognizes contributions that impact the strategic direction of the firm.
  • Operates an on-site “idea lab” that brings colleagues together in a collaborative work space; cloud-based technology allows employees to collaborate in real time regardless of their locations.
  • Provides an “all hands” area with comfortable sofas and a long community table.

Employees say:

  • “It strives to get employees involved in the community and hosts events to build camaraderie and keep the small company/family element even as we grow.”
  • “The office shakes things up regularly: early dismissals for holidays like Halloween, chili cook-offs and birthday celebrations with games, etc. Although these events seem inconsequential, it makes the atmosphere of the office more fun and makes me look forward to coming to work.”
  • “Westwood has a very welcoming culture. From my first day, the company focused on creating a sense of teamwork across all departments.”