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Strained future for some state pension systems

The populations of Japan, Spain, Greece, Portugal and Italy are expected to age significantly in the next 30 years as the number of people over 65 per 100 people will grow on average by 39 individuals. Japan, which is the 10th most populous country and has the $1.4 trillion Government Pension Investment Fund, will see its ratio increase to 77.8 from 46.2. The latter four countries have struggled economically in recent years and will likely feel the strain on their public entitlements as the already struggling stressed systems will need to support more people with less workers to contribute.

Alternatively, the populations of Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and South Africa are relatively young. Their collective populations are expected to add on average about 14 individuals over 65 per 100 people. Indonesia, the fourth largest country by population, is estimated to add only three people over 65 per 100 by 2050.