Top Performing Managers of Domestic Growth Equity, 3rd Quarter 2017

Domestic Growth Equity1 year gross return1 year net return
Kayne Anderson Rudnick SC Quality Select72.8470.82
Granahan Inv Mgt Small Cap Discoveries40.3539.41
ICON Dom Core Eq37.2736.41
Weatherbie Capital – Spec Gr Eq35.3334.39
Kayne Anderson Rudnick SC Sustain Growth35.0733.78
Oberweis Micro-Cap Growth34.6833.67
RS Small Cap Growth33.6732.48
Merlin Dynamic Growth33.9232.44
Granahan SC Advantage32.9632.39
The CMC Alpha32.5431.78
Domestic Growth Equity5 year gross return5 year net return
Naylor & Company Core Composite26.0523.39
LEIA CBI20.4320.43
BMO Microcap Equity - Institutional - SA21.5120.29
Oberweis Micro-Cap Growth20.9319.91
Cookson Peirce All-Cap Equity MA20.4219.83
Kayne Anderson Rudnick SC Sustain Growth20.8319.65
Cognios Quantitative Large Cap Growth19.5819.20
Friess Small Cap Growth19.9618.84
Loomis Sayles All Cap Growth19.3718.82
Edgewood Mgt Lg-Cap Gr19.8218.81