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SEC nominees approved, making commission full for first time since 2015

Hester Peirce and Robert J. Jackson Jr. were confirmed Wednesday to serve on the Securities and Exchange Commission by the Senate Banking Committee in a voice vote.

Once approved by the full Senate, it will give the SEC its first full five-member commission since 2015. Both Ms. Peirce, a Republican appointee, and Mr. Jackson, a Democratic appointee, committed during their confirmation hearing to revisit regulatory burdens and hold executives accountable.

Ms. Peirce is a senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, where she is director of the financial markets working group. She previously worked at the SEC as a staff attorney and as counsel to former commissioner Paul Atkins.

Mr. Jackson is a Columbia Law School professor who directs the program on corporate law and policy, with a focus on executive compensation and corporate governance.

Ms. Peirce joins fellow Republicans Michael S. Piwowar and Chairman Jay Clayton, along with Kara M. Stein, a Democrat.