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LUCRF Super taps Frontier Advisors as investment consultant

LUCRF Super hired Frontier Advisors as the A$5.9 billion ($4.5 billion) Melbourne-based Labour Union Co-Operative Retirement Fund's investment consultant, according to a LUCRF news release.

Frontier Advisors takes over that role from Willis Towers Watson, which has served as LUCRF's investment consultant since 2005.

Charlie Donnelly, LUCRF Super's CEO, in the news release, cited Frontier's "adaptable consulting model" and "client accessible technology" as factors in its selection.

In an Oct. 27 news release, Damian Moloney, Frontier Advisor's outgoing CEO, called his firm's status as one of the last big investment consulting firms to offer only advice, rather than outsourced CIO services as well, a factor in a string of hirings for Frontier this year, which he said marked "the strongest growth for the firm, in terms of new engagements, since the early years of Frontier's 23-year history."