Searches and Hires

San Antonio Fire & Police on lookout for value equity managers, hires 4 emerging managers

San Antonio Fire & Police Pension Fund is searching for large-cap value equity managers, recently released board meeting minutes show.

Matthew O'Reilly, chief investment officer of the $2.8 billion pension fund, declined to provide further information about the search. The pension fund does not issue RFPs.

In other news, the pension fund hired four emerging managers to run $10 million each in active domestic large-cap equity. NorthPointe Capital and Seizert Capital Partners will manage large-cap value portfolios. South Texas Money Management will run an all-cap core portfolio, and Suffolk Capital Management, a large-cap growth portfolio.

Funding sources will be discussed in November, Mr. O'Reilly wrote in an email.

A search for emerging managers of active domestic large-cap equity was launched in the spring.