Money Management

Mesirow lifts out high-yield and leverage-loan team from Pacific Income Advisers

Mesirow Financial lifted out a seven-person high-yield and leverage-loan team led by Robert Sydow from Pacific Income Advisers, said Nancy Gonzales, spokeswoman for the money manager.

Mr. Sydow, who takes on the new position of senior managing director, chief investment officer of high-yield fixed income, and his team come from Pacific Income Advisers and have about $500 million in assets under management. The team, which started at Mesirow on Monday, reports to Dominick Mondi, president of Mesirow Financial. The high-yield and leverage-loan strategies will complement Mesirow's current traditional core-fixed income team, which has about $4.4 billion in AUM.

Other team members are Kevin Buckle, senior managing director, portfolio manager; James Lisko, managing director, portfolio manager; Andre Shih, vice president, senior analyst; Justine Ho, senior vice president, senior analyst; Claire Pearce, vice president, operations manager; and Ellen Hedani, administrative assistant.

Austin W. Rutledge, managing director, business development at Pacific Income Advisers, could not be immediately reached to provide comment.