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Risk Management

Pensions & Investments unveils new pension risk transfer database

Pensions & Investments has published a new database on pension risk transfers.

Since the global financial crisis, corporate plan sponsors have been shifting their defined benefit pension risk off their balance sheet through pension risk transfers. Corporations as large as General Motors and Koninklijke Philips NV, and as small as Hickory Springs Manufacturing Co. have transferred assets to insurance companies. Plans such as the E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co. and Altria Group Inc. have made lump-sum offers to more than 25,000 of their participants.

The database spans more than five years and currently has around 200 transactions. There are four types of pension risk transfers tracked in the database — buy-ins, buyouts, longevity swaps and lump sums. The database contains 13 different data fields including assets involved, country of plan, transaction consultant and insurer.

Information is populated from stories written by P&I's global reporting staff. The database will be updated regularly when new stories are published. P&I will also be publishing a special report on pension risk transfers in the Nov. 13 print issue.

The database is accessible to all P&I Research Center subscribers. Plan sponsors who do not already have access can get a complimentary subscription by contacting O'Brien Quartuccio, regional sales manager – enterprise licensing, at 212-850-7611 or oQuartuccio@pionline.com.

An overview of the pension risk transfers P&I has reported on can be found here.