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Securities lending market rising amid global market growth

The global securities lending market as of March 9 was valued at $2 trillion, up 9.9% from a year earlier, according to a report by DataLend.

Also, the lendable value of securities available for borrowing was $16.04 trillion as of March 9, a 21% increase.

Both are the highest values in each category since DataLend began tracking the global securities lending market in 2013, according to Christopher Gohlke, spokesman.

Among other findings, unique securities on loan totaled 45,200; cash collateral as a percentage of on-loan balance was 39.48%; and non-cash collateral as a percentage of on-loan balance was 60.52%.

Lenders earned $9.16 billion in securities lending revenues globally in 2016, including $4.67 billion in North America, $2.64 billion in Europe, $1.67 billion in Asia-Pacific and $182 million elsewhere.

“The rise in securities lending balances is reflective of the growth seen in the global capital markets recently,” said Chris Benedict, director and lead business analyst at DataLend, in an email. “We are also seeing more active engagement from beneficial owners in their securities lending programs. This enables them to identify assets to enroll for opportunities in their securities lending programs.”

DataLend is the securities finance market data division of securities lending trading platform EquiLend.