Top Performing Managers of Domestic Blend Equity, 4th Quarter 2016

Domestic Blend Equity1 year gross return1 year net return
Orchard Select Small Cap Value47.7346.29
Kestrel Inv Mgt Corp. Sm-Cap Val Eq36.6935.42
Federated MDT Sm-Cap Core36.2434.93
Robotti Value Equity37.2034.77
WellsCap Small Cap Value Equity II35.1933.88
Shapiro Capital Mgt Sm-Cap Val34.9333.67
Jacobs Levy Small Cap (Russell 2000)33.7632.67
T. Rowe Price Small-Cap Value Equity33.4732.48
Teton Advisors Small Cap Equity SMA32.9331.86
Goldman Sachs Structured US Small Cap32.6631.76
Domestic Blend Equity5 year gross return5 year net return
NorthPointe Capital Micro Cap Value22.7521.76
NB Nackenson SMA Strategy19.8319.83
Integrity Micro-Cap Value20.4719.29
Federated MDT Sm-Cap Core20.2019.03
Jacobs Levy Small Cap (S&P 600)19.7318.74
PanAgora Asset Mgt Dynamic US SmCap Core19.6218.74
QMA US Small Cap Core Equity19.3118.53
Orchard Select Small Cap Value19.6618.48
The Capital Mgt Corp SMID19.1318.40
BMO Disciplined Small-Cap Core19.3618.30