Scottish Enterprise Pension looking for investment consultant, administrator

Scottish Enterprise Pension and Life Assurance Scheme, Glasgow, is searching for an investment consultant, a spokeswoman said.

The plan is also looking for a single provider of actuarial, administration and benefits services. The services required are pension and benefits consulting, actuarial valuations and actuarial advice, pension plan administration, cash management and accounting.

The £655.5 million ($805 million) defined benefit plan currently has multiple providers, and they can rebid, the spokeswoman said. She did not name the current providers.

The contracts will run from April 1, 2017, through March 31, 2020, and could be extended for an additional year.

Firms will be required to provide evidence of recent work carried out servicing defined benefit plans in areas such as investment strategy review, introduction or refinement of liability-driven investing, review of illiquid assets, active manager and performance review or, and climate change and ESG reports.

The RFPs are available on procurement website Tenders Electronic Daily. Proposals for both searches are due Feb. 22.