Table: Hedge fund changes in 2016

Institutional hedge fund hire, search and redemption activity, in millions.
Activity by year201420152016% change, 2015 - 16% change, 2014 - 16
Total hires$10,979$11,585$11,182-3.5%1.8%
  Hedge fund direct $7,308$8,615$8,9203.5%22.1%
  Hedge funds of funds$3,671$2,970$2,262-23.8%-38.4%
Total searches $1,981$4,116$10,052144.2%407.4%
  Hedge fund direct $497$324$20-93.8%-96.0%
  Hedge funds of funds$1,484$3,792$10,032164.6%576.0%
Total redemptions$1,405$5,686$10,32381.6%634.7%
  Hedge fund direct $1,174$2,237$5,363139.7%356.8%
  Hedge funds of funds$231$3,449$4,96043.8%2047.2%
Activity by quarter1Q2Q3Q4QTotal
Total hires$2,783$2,882$4,072$1,445$11,182
  Hedge fund direct $2,568$2,362$2,570$1,420$8,920
  Hedge funds of funds$215$520$1,502$25$2,262
Total searches $10,035$0$0$0$10,052
  Hedge fund direct $20$0$0$0$20
  Hedge funds of funds$10,015$0$0$17$10,032
Total redemptions$2,341$1,546$4,704$1,732$10,323
  Hedge fund direct $305$1,464$2,160$1,434$5,363
  Hedge funds of funds$2,036$82$2,544$298$4,960
Source: Pensions & Investments