Top Performing Managers of Long-Short Equity, 3rd Quarter 2016

Long-Short Equity1 year gross return1 year net return
Goodwood Long/Short Equity24.5522.71
Kalo Capital Em Gr with Reduced Volatil20.7117.19
The Boston Energy Infrastructure MLP16.3415.39
QMA US Core Equity Extended15.3314.60
Confluence IDEA - Plus15.6413.68
Frontier Asset Mgmt Absolute Return Plus13.7513.30
CIM InvestFlex™ U.S. Long/Short15.3013.04
Taxable Frontier Asset Mgmt Abs Ret Plus12.0411.49
Clothier Springs Global Hedged Plus11.3610.67
Blackrock (BLK) Alpha Advantage 50010.9410.56