The most institutional hedge fund managers

Ranked by percentage of discretionary assets managed in hedge funds worldwide for institutions as of June 30, 2016.
% of assets managed for institutions
RankManagerWorldwide assetsU.S. assets
1Acadian Asset Mgmt.100.0%47.2%
2Argentem Creek Partners100.0%20.8%
3Blue Rock Advisors100.0%100.0%
4Eminence Capital100.0%N/A
5Fir Tree Partners100.0%N/A
6Garda Capital Partners100.0%82.4%
7Highland Capital Mgmt.100.0%89.2%
8Nephila Capital99.1%18.0%
9Waterfall Asset Mgmt.97.6%64.3%
10 BlackRock (BLK)96.9%23.6%
11 Gramercy Funds Mgmt.95.4%61.0%
12Capstone Investment Advisors95.1%50.0%
13 Bridgewater Associates94.5%50.0%
14MKP Capital Mgmt.93.9%42.6%
15Pacific Investment Mgmt.92.6%37.5%
16Magnetar Capital91.7%65.9%
17Solus Alternative Asset Mgmt.90.9%76.2%
18Finisterre Capital87.2%62.2%
19BlueMountain Capital Mgmt.85.6%19.7%
20Marathon Asset Mgmt.85.4%66.3%
21DW Partners80.5%39.0%
22Quest Partners80.1%19.9%
23Davidson Kempner Capital Mgmt.80.0%N/A
24Napier Park Global Capital77.9%50.3%
25Man Group75.4%19.8%
Source: Pensions & Investments survey