The largest hedge fund managers

Ranked by discretionary assets managed in hedge funds worldwide, in millions, as of June 30, 2016.
from 2015
1 Bridgewater Associates$102,930-0.7%
2AQR Capital Mgmt.$63,03038.2%
3Man Group$46,3004.3%
4Millennium Mgmt. $33,3029.5%
5Winton Capital Mgmt.$33,04510.9%
6 Renaissance Technologies$32,00018.5%
7The Baupost Group$29,200N/A
8Elliott Management$28,8347.6%
9 BlackRock (BLK)$28,600-14.3%
10Two Sigma Investments$27,60027.2%
11D.E. Shaw Group$27,0182.5%
12Och-Ziff Capital Mgmt.1$26,100-31.2%
13Davidson Kempner Capital Mgmt.$25,250-1.4%
15Marshall Wace2$23,00013.3%
16Farallon Capital Mgmt.$21,0001.9%
17Viking Global Investors$19,780-9.4%
18Brevan Howard Asset Mgmt.$19,400-28.1%
19King Street Capital Mgmt.$19,000-10.0%
20York Capital Mgmt.$18,300-15.7%
21Pacific Investment Mgmt.$16,9798.3%
22Anchorage Capital$15,600-1.3%
23Moore Capital$15,000-3.2%
24Canyon Partners$14,2000.0%
25Capula Investment Mgmt.$14,10015.6%
26BlueMountain Capital Mgmt.$14,099-5.7%
27Fortress Investment Group1$13,588-0.2%
28Magnetar Capital$13,200-7.7%
29Goldman Sachs Asset Mgmt.$13,000-14.5%
30Graham Capital Mgmt.$12,66627.4%
31Cevian Capital$12,619-11.8%
32The Children's Investment Fund $12,50013.6%
33Lone Pine Capital$12,400-3.9%
34Highfields Capital Mgmt.$12,200-1.6%
35Angelo Gordon & Co.$12,100N/A
37GoldenTree Asset Mgmt.$11,5552.2%
38Tudor Investment Corp.$11,000-17.9%
39PointState Capital$10,190-3.0%
41Nephila Capital$9,9836.4%
42Fir Tree Partners$9,600-26.6%
43Glenview Capital Mgmt.$9,460-19.6%
44Systematica Investments$9,400N/A
45 Ramius$9,082-1.3%
46Marathon Asset Mgmt.$8,700-10.3%
47Greenlight Capital$8,600-27.1%
48Eton Park$8,500-5.6%
49Senator Investment Group$8,485-6.1%
50Carlson Capital$8,354-14.8%
51Pine River Capital Mgmt.$8,100-14.7%
52Silver Point Capital$7,500-2.6%
53JANA Partners$7,435-37.0%
54MKP Capital Mgmt.$7,391-11.7%
55Blue Ridge Capital$7,000-12.5%
56J.P. Morgan Asset Mgmt.$6,446-77.3%
57Taconic Capital Advisors$6,190-25.7%
58Aspect Capital$5,904N/A
59Eminence Capital$5,900-7.8%
60Tiger Global Mgmt.$5,900N/A
61UBS O'Connor $5,6000.0%
62Ellington Mgmt. Group$5,300-3.6%
63Paloma Partners$5,30065.6%
64Solus Alternative Asset Mgmt.$5,039-2.6%
65PDT Partners$5,000N/A
66Samlyn Capital$5,000-9.1%
67Waterfall Asset Mgmt.$4,2000.3%
68DW Partners$4,100-21.2%
69 Gramercy Funds Mgmt.$3,95521.7%
70Passport Capital$3,9002.6%
71Tilden Park Capital Mgmt.$3,8623.5%
72Hutchin Hill Capital$3,700-9.8%
73Hitchwood Capital Mgmt.$3,68133.6%
74Aurelius Capital Mgmt.3$3,605-24.2%
75Autonomy Capital$3,500-2.8%
76Contrarian Capital Mgmt.$3,140-10.3%
77Blue Harbor Group$3,100-13.4%
78Tricadia Capital Mgmt.$3,100-24.4%
79Ivory Asset Mgmt.$2,991-1.0%
80Highline Capital Mgmt.$2,8566.1%
81Capstone Investment Advisors$2,732-20.0%
82Hudson Bay Capital Mgmt.$2,700-17.3%
83Ionic Capital Mgmt.$2,7008.0%
84LibreMax Capital$2,700-17.3%
85Garda Capital Partners$2,507N/A
86TIG Advisors$2,500N/A
87HG Vora$2,40014.3%
88Kepos Capital$2,2005.3%
89Structured Portfolio Mgmt.$2,120-20.5%
90Kingdon Capital Mgmt.$2,063-22.8%
91Acadian Asset Mgmt.$2,047N/A
92Conatus Capital Mgmt.$2,000-12.9%
93Napier Park Global Capital$1,881-2.0%
94Finisterre Capital$1,850-23.3%
95Salient Partners$1,781-57.6%
96Saba Capital$1,70013.3%
97Seer Capital Mgmt.$1,630-16.0%
98Three Bays Capital$1,600-11.1%
99Wexford Capital$1,600-20.0%
100Impala Asset Mgmt.$1,482-46.8%
101400 Capital Mgmt.$1,475-25.1%
102Artreaus Capital$1,400N/A
103Strategic Value Partners $1,400-6.7%
104Greywolf Capital Mgmt.$1,385-21.4%
105Brenner West Capital Partners$1,305-9.8%
106Perella Weinberg Partners$1,125-21.8%
107Highland Capital Mgmt.$1,061-11.8%
108Folger Hill$1,000-16.7%
109Governors Lane$1,000N/A
110Senvest Management$971N/A
111Claren Road Asset Mgmt.$836-80.1%
112New Providence Asset Mgmt.$815N/A
113Birch Grove Capital$79713.9%
114Quest Partners$624N/A
115Argentem Creek Partners$485N/A
116Bocage Capital$391N/A
117Armory Capital Group$226N/A
118Mellon Capital$168N/A
Notes: 1 Data are as of June 30, 2016, from company earnings report. 2 Data are as of April 30, 2016, from external source 3 Data are as of July 31, 2016, from survey.
Source: Pensions & Investments survey, unless otherwise noted