Florida State Board rehires 4 governance firms

Florida State Board of Administration, Tallahassee, rehired Glass Lewis and Institutional Shareholder Services to provide company-specific corporate governance advisory research to aid staff in making proxy-voting decisions.

Glass Lewis also was rehired to provide proxy-voting agent services.

In addition, the $179.5 billion FSBA rehired MSCI and IW Financial, adding new specialized governance services to existing contracts. MSCI will provide non-advisory/non-proxy related corporate governance research and environmental, social and governance ratings, including global sanctions and divestment information. IW Financial will provide global sanctions and divestment information.

The rehirings are the result of an invitation to negotiate search issued in January in expectation of some of the contracts expiring June 30.

The rehirings are subject to contract negotiations with the four firms.

“We anticipate all new service contracts to begin on July 1 … coinciding with the start of the SBA’s next fiscal year,” said John Kuczwanski, FSBA communications manager, in an e-mail.