Martin Leibowitz wins IAQF/SunGard Financial award

Martin L. Leibowitz was named winner of the 2014 IAQF/SunGard Financial Engineer of the Year Award, said a joint news release from the organizations.

The award recognizes individual contributions to the advancement of quantitative finance and is sponsored by the International Association for Quantitative Finance and SunGard Financial Systems.

Mr. Leibowitz is managing director on the global strategy team at Morgan Stanley (MS) and also serves on the board of trustees of the $4 billion Rockefeller Foundation, New York.

Steven Silberstein, chief technology officer of SunGard, said in the news release that Mr. Leibowitz’s writings, theoretical and practical contributions and his active participation in organizations such as The Rockefeller Foundation and on the advisory committee of Singapore’s GIC make him a role model and an inspiration for the industry.

The news release also cited Mr. Leibowitz’s articles on financial investment analysis topics — more than 200 of them — especially his status as the most frequent author published in both the Financial Analysts Journal and the Journal of Portfolio Management. He has received the Graham and Dodd Award for excellence in financial writing 10 times for his work in the FAJ.

Mr. Leibowitz could not be reached for comment by press time