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Retired rear admiral charts course into investing industry

Steve Branham
Steve Branham

It's not every day someone from the admiral ranks joins the investment management industry.

Steve Branham, who retired in 2010 as rear admiral in the Coast Guard, joined 3ethos Inc. as executive vice president, the Mystic, Conn.-based firm announced Sept. 3.

Mr. Branham will contribute to the firm's leadership training program for investment advisers and consultants and starting next year for asset owner trustees. In addition, Mr. Branham will assist in developing professional standards that integrate the program's focus on leadership, fiduciary responsibility, governance and stewardship.

Donald B. Trone — 3ethos founder and CEO who graduated with Mr. Branham in the 1977 class at the United States Coast Guard Academy — reached out in June to him for his leadership skills to fill the new position.

Mr. Branham will be based in Longboat Key, Fla., where unconnected to 3ethos he serves as chairman of the city's $10 million General Employees' Retirement System.

After retiring from the Coast Guard, Mr. Branham worked as executive vice president of government services for Witt O'Brien's LLC, a disaster response management company, until November. Then Mr. Trone called.

Responding to 3ethos, Mr. Branham is living up to the Coast Guard challenge of semper paratus — always ready — and sharing his leadership skills.

This article originally appeared in the September 15, 2014 print issue as, "Retired rear admiral charts course into investing industry".