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The real world: U.S. real estate performance


How U.S. real estate has performed during the five years through March 31, 2014, according to the NCREIF Property index.
RE-bound:  Since turning the corner in 2009, real estate has returned 7.9% annually. Retail has exceeded all other property types. And while Midwest properties generated the highest income yield, the region trailed all others on a total return basis.
Where the growth is:  Silicon Valley was the best-performing metropolitan statistical area, while the northern region of Washington's Beltway saw the slimmest returns.
Industrial leads the way:  Commercial broker NAI Global said current investment activity is being driven by demand for warehouse and logistics space, as well as by technology companies.
*Total return may not equal income + appreciation due to compounding. **Total returns may not equal income + appreciation due to averaging. All data are as of March 31. Sources: NCREIF, Pension Real Estate Association
Compiled and designed by Timothy Pollard and Gregg A. Runburg