$3.7 trillion now following SRI, survey finds

More than 10% of the total assets under management in the U.S. is invested following sustainable and responsible investing practices, according to a survey from the US SIF Foundation.

Of the $33.3 trillion in total assets under management tracked by Thomson Reuters Nelson, $3.74 trillion, or 11.3% is invested according to SRI criteria, according to the foundation's “Report on Sustainable and Responsible Investing Trends in the United States.”

The number is an increase of 29.2% since year-end 2010, the last time the foundation measured the size of the SRI market, and an increase of 486% since 1995, when the foundation first measured the size of the SRI market at $639 billion.

According to the foundation, $3.31 trillion of U.S.-domiciled assets applied ESG criteria in their investment analysis and portfolio selection, while $1.54 trillion in U.S.-domiciled assets held by more than 200 institutional investors or money managers were part of filed or co-filed shareholder resolutions on ESG issues. The foundation eliminated $1.106 trillion in overlapping strategies to come up with its final $3.74 trillion SRI number.

Of the total $3.31 trillion managed according to ESG factors, $2.48 trillion was owned or administered by institutional investors, while $1.41 trillion was managed by money managers or community-investing institutions, according to the survey.

The data were collected by US SIF Foundation and Tellus Institute through an online survey of about 400 money managers in the spring and summer, as well as through third-party providers and a number of industry trade associations.