Dania Beach Police & Fire puts out call for domestic equity

Dania Beach (Fla.) Police and Fire Retirement System is searching for an active domestic small-cap equity manager and an active domestic midcap equity manager to run $2 million each, confirmed Steven Roth, director of manager research at Dahab Associates, investment consultant to the $25 million pension fund.

Growth, value and core approaches will be considered.

The searches follow first-time allocations to small-cap and midcap equities of 8% each.

Funding will come from domestic all-cap equity managers. No managers will be terminated, according to Mr. Roth.

Small-cap proposals are due at 5 p.m. EDT Oct. 15. Midcap proposals are due at 5 p.m. EDT Oct. 16. Timetables for decisions have yet to be determined.

Phone calls to Robert Baldwin, Dania Beach city manager, were not returned by press time.