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Hedge fund manager’s website Planet Ponzi offers insight on economy

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Mitchell Feierstein

Do you love accountability, transparency and truth?

Then hedge fund manager Mitchell Feierstein has a website for you.

Planetponzi.com encapsulates Mr. Feierstein's worldview, which characterizes the global economy as a gigantic Ponzi scheme that the world's citizens need to expose and fix.

“Planet Ponzi does not like evasion, lies or spin. We hate debt. We hate bailouts. We loathe lobbyists and tax avoiders and economy-wrecking bankers. We do not trust our politicians,” as Mr. Feierstein described his blog on the website.

Mr. Feierstein describes himself online as “a hedge fund manager who's spent 30 years working in the financial markets. As a result, I know a lot about the world's financial system and how it works. But you don't have to be a technical wizard to understand these things.“

That's because Mr. Feierstein's frequent, acerbic, entertaining blogs give his perspective about what's really going on behind world economic news. His recent book, “Planet Ponzi” provides a more coherent, detailed treatise on the continuing global financial crisis and a call to arms to effect a solution.

Mr. Feierstein is CEO of the London-based hedge fund management company Glacier Environmental Fund Ltd.