PERFORMANCE MEASUREMENT: 1st Peter Dietz Award winners chosen

The Spaulding Group, publishers of The Journal of Performance Measurement, named the recipients of the first Peter Dietz Award for excellence in the contribution to the body of knowledge in performance measurement. The awards will be presented Dec. 3 in New York.

The award honors Peter O. Dietz, whose seminal work, "Pension Funds - Measuring Investment Performance," was the basis for the Bank Administration Association Institute's performance reporting standards. Mr. Dietz developed the Modified Dietz Method and other formulas to calculate pension fund rates of return that are in wide use today. Mr. Dietz died 11 years ago.

The winners of the award are: Brian Singer of Brinson Partners for "Valuation of Portfolio Performance: Aggregate Returns and Risk Analysis"; Timothy J. Lord of Times Square Capital Management for "The Attribution of Portfolio and Index Returns in Fixed Income"; David Carino, Frank Russell Co., for "Combining Attribution Effects Over Time"; Douglas S. Rogers, Deloitte & Touche, for "The Challenges of After-Tax Performance Reporting"; and Robert B. Litterman, Jacques Longerstaey, Jacob D. Rosengarten and Kurt Winkelman of Goldman Sachs for "The Green Zone: Assessing the Quality of Returns".

All of the winning articles were published in the journal.