December 10 , 2018




Vulcan Value Partners

Mission and values come first at firm that strives to instill its

core philosophy

AUM: $15.3 billion
Employees: 54

While focused on value investing, Birmingham, Ala.-based Vulcan Value Partners LLC also strives to put its core values front and center for clients and employees.

“We all carry cards in our wallets with our mission and values,” said G. Adam McClain, principal and president at Vulcan. That mission includes perform with discipline, serve others before self, seek excellence, find success, and never compromise integrity. 

Employees appreciate the culture. 


Leadership “consistently and clearly communicates our core values and gives associates the power to make decisions as long as they are filtered through those values,” said one employee of the two-time Best Places to Work in Money Management winner.

Along with health benefits that include fully covered nutritionists and health screenings, Vulcan’s focus on wellness has allowed the firm to negotiate lower insurance premiums for employees (5% to 10% depending on the completion of a biometric screen and health-risk assessment).

SHELLING OUT: Employees of Vulcan Value Partners had food and fun at a crawfish boil with their families at Railroad Park in downtown Birmingham, Ala. The company also hosts tailgate events and a Halloween party for families.

Vulcan Value Partners understands that everyone at the firm feels the “stress and pressure” of work and believes in “extracurricular activities that bring employees and families together to connect as people, not just as co-workers,” said Mr. McClain. As an example, he cited a tailgate at a recent University of Alabama football game and an officewide trick-or-treat.

“They encourage interaction between all employees, from top to bottom,” said one employee. “We have a great culture and play together. I am thankful that I have found such a great place to work after 20 years in the workforce.”

“Best benefits in the state,” said another.

Along with a matching program for charitable contributions, Vulcan Value Partners encourages employees to sit on community boards.

“We encourage our employees to sit on boards and we’ll support them,” said Mr. McClain, making a firm contribution to the charity and supporting special committee work and conference attendance for the charity. 

“It helps our up-and-coming leaders to understand a way of thinking that is different from being an employee or a volunteer. You filter business through a much different lens and it’s incredibly helpful for the future leaders of our company.”


— Ari I. Weinberg

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