December 11, 2017




Third Place

Voya Investment Management 

A strong volunteer spirit and a major emphasis on education for everyone

AUM: $222 billion
Employees: 924

“When we combine stewardship with service, it allows us to bring our best selves to both our clients and one another,” says Christine Hurtsellers, CEO of Voya Investment Management in New York. 

For Ms. Hurtsellers, that means enhancing the business and investment chops of employees throughout the company, not just those making asset allocation and investment decisions. 

The unit of Voya Financial is rolling out the CFA Institute’s Investment Foundations program for employees outside of portfolio management to learn the business.

“It helps everyone understand who is doing what and builds a consistent language across the firm,” Ms. Hurtsellers said. 

“We also have to acknowledge what’s changing in the industry and how to adapt,” she said of the company’s evaluation of artificial intelligence and robotics.

Employees made note of Voya’s emphasis on learning. 

“(Voya Investment Management) understands how people are impacted by change and does what it can to help employees navigate those changes that impact them and their roles,” said one employee. “There is an element of caring in dealing with employees that is balanced with the needs of the business. Additionally, there is a real desire and investment from leaders and employees in ensuring the overall success of the organization.”

In its registration for the BPTW program, Voya, a three-time winner in Pensions & Investments’ Best Places to Work in Money Management program, noted its emphasis on community service. 

Employees are encouraged to volunteer during work hours and are paid up to 40 hours a year for volunteer time away. Employees also may donate to the nonprofit of their choice with a Voya Foundation match of $5,000, the company said. 

“There is a strong commitment to help the community through volunteer work, donations and going green,” noted one employee. “Many departments offer the ability to work from home on occasion and we also get 40 hours each year specifically for volunteering in the community.”

CARING FOR THE KIDS: At the Children’s Cancer Network, a group of Voya’s Arizona employees spent their time packing admission bags, basic needs bins and sibling bags for patients and their families.


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