Why Investors Should Allocate to Hedge Funds

Published by: SkyBridge Capital

For the past 65 years, hedge funds have served as a means of guarding against or minimizing financial loss. Whether during a bull or a bear market, this alternative investment seeks to hedge an investor's bets, tempering the highs and the lows.

The Wealth of Cities - The Investment Implications of Urban Expansion

Published by: Prudential Investment Management

Urban expansion offers investment opportunities that coincide with the need for institutional investors to look beyond short-term gains. The urban mega-trend holds promise in the areas of infrastructure, real estate, and consumer goods and services, and the agricultural supply chain.

Deconstructing Active Management through Active Share

Published by: ClearBridge Investments

Now that active and passive strategies have learned to co-exist, investors are focused on which active approaches truly deliver. When used correctly, active share can help investors sort through an overcrowded universe for managers who reliably generate differentiated returns.

Earnings Acceleration: Tracking Long-Term Secular Trends to Capture Growth in Emerging Markets Companies

Published by: American Century Investments

Earnings acceleration represents one of the most important tools in the analysis of a stock's potential to increase in price. We examine how correctly using earnings acceleration to forecast the extent of sustainable improvement can help generate superior investment returns.

WisdomTree & Smart Beta

Published by: WisdomTree

We've done more than build Smart Beta ETFs. We've built a track record of historically higher returns.

Vanguard's economic and investment outlook

Published by: Vanguard

This annual publication presents Vanguard's latest thinking on the future of global economic growth, inflation, monetary policy, interest rates, and returns on stocks and bonds over the next decade.

Low-Volatility Equity Portfolios: Helping Defined Contribution Plan Participants Meet Their Retirement Goals

Published by: INTECH

Investors saving for retirement are faced with many challenges including the possibility of outliving their savings. This paper will discuss how low-volatility equity strategies offer investors the growth potential of stocks, with downside protection, in case of another severe market sell-off.

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