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Fight or Flight: Thoughts on Recent Market Volatility

Published by: Quantitative Management Associates

In October of 2014, investors were tested as stock fell sharply. Investors had to ask themselves, is this decline the beginning of something worse? At QMA, we've developed a framework to help address this question that we call RSVP.

Socially Responsible Investing: Delivering competitive performance

Published by: TIAA-CREF

A TIAA-CREF analysis shows that SRI indexes delivered market-like returns and risk over the long term. Performance was comparable to broad market indexes, despite using a smaller universe of stocks meeting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria.

Why Human Capital Matters to Retirement Plan Design

Published by: Morningstar

Should your industry affect your retirement plan design? Whether your employees are oil workers in Houston or stock brokers in Minneapolis, vocation and location should have an impact on their retirement planning.

SURVEYING THE WORLD Making the Most of Global Allocations Requires A Deeper Look into Individual Companies and Markets

Published by: Aberdeen Asset Management

Download Aberdeen Asset Management's survey and white paper and get a deep dive into global perceptions of corporate governance, macroeconomic expectations over the next 10 years by region, use of actively managed strategies, currency hedging practices, and much, much more.

Adding Value Through Active Management: The Power of Active Share

Published by: Artisan Partners

Artisan Partners examines active share, a metric which can help investors identify degrees of active management, and the correlation between high active share and benchmark outperformance.

China Marks a New Reality for Emerging Markets

Published by: HSBC

The potential slowdown of economic growth in China is much-debated. Here, we focus on the changing composition of the Chinese economy as it transitions from primarily investment-led to consumer-led growth and the implications for other emerging markets.

China's Challenging Road Ahead

Published by: Prudential Fixed Income

As China faces its monumental economic transition, Prudential Fixed Income provides its growth outlook for the world's largest exporter, along with its views of the financial and real estate sectors, before concluding with the consequent investment implications.

The QDIA Decision: Does Your Strategy Align with Plan Goals and Demographics?

Published by: Manning & Napier

This paper, a collaboration with Fred Reish and Bruce Ashton, discusses how plan demographics and sponsor goals may influence the QDIA selection process.

Trading Costs Are Very Real - Perspectives for Global Equity Investors

Published by: INTECH

The performance of a portfolio reflects the manager's investment process and their ability to control trading costs. This paper discusses some of the measurement tools and best practices used to help constrain trading costs, both of which are critical to potentially achieving the highest returns and preserving alpha.

Emerging Markets: Countries and Companies Matter

Published by: Charles Schwab

China and other emerging market countries represent significant investment opportunities. There are also a number of risks, including geopolitical risks, economic uncertainty, currency fluctuations, and a lack of open and regulated financial markets. The challenge for investors is how to efficiently access these markets.

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