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Risk Management Roundtable

Published by: P&I Content Solutions Group

P&I brought together three leading experts to help investors sort the signal from the noise— and get positioned to protect their assets while spotting new opportunity.

Smarter than beta: Why factor investing

Published by: HSBC Global Asset Management

The growth of factor investing has been astonishing. And the variation in factor criteria and portfolio implementation is equally so. Here we offer a framework for understanding and evaluating factor strategies, focusing on the low volatility factor.

Frontier Market Bonds: The Next Chapter

Published by: Aberdeen Asset Management

To help achieve a diversified portfolio, it may pay to be adventurous. Aberdeen’s global presence helps you diversify into the world’s most dynamic bond markets. Supported by 70 emerging market investment professionals, we seek out potential opportunities around the world.

The Evolution of Quantitative Investment Strategies

Published by: American Century Investments

Quantitative strategies are gaining renewed interest as their systematic approaches have resulted in attractive risk-adjusted returns. We examine the enduring qualities that make quantitative investing a compelling and complementary approach within a larger equity portfolio.

Approaches to Benchmarking Listed Infrastructure

Published by: S&P Dow Jones Indices

Investing in infrastructure has become popular among institutional and private investors. Infrastructure assets provide essential services in transport, energy, water, communications and social services. Investment managers may consider different benchmarks depending on their own definition of the investment universe.

Active vs. Passive: The Age-Old Debate

Published by: INTECH

The debate on the benefits and shortcoming of active versus passive investing rages on! This paper explores where we are in the active-management cycle and why it may be shortsighted to move away from active management at this time.

Why Currency-Hedge Foreign Developed Equities?

Published by: WisdomTree Asset Management, Inc.

WisdomTree believes currency-hedged investment strategies are growing in prominence due to shifting policy winds among global central banks.

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