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Why Human Capital Matters to Retirement Plan Design

Published by: Morningstar

Should your industry affect your retirement plan design? Whether your employees are oil workers in Houston or stock brokers in Minneapolis, vocation and location should have an impact on their retirement planning.

The Evolution of Smart Beta ETFs

Published by: Invesco PowerShares

Invesco PowerShares partnered with Cogent Research, a division of Market Strategies International, to conduct a research project on the smart beta trend. The Evolution of Smart Beta ETFs Report by Cogent confirms that the use of smart beta ETFs among institutional decision makers is poised for continued growth.

The QDIA Decision: Does Your Strategy Align with Plan Goals and Demographics?

Published by: Manning & Napier

This paper, a collaboration with Fred Reish and Bruce Ashton, discusses how plan demographics and sponsor goals may influence the QDIA selection process.

Charting The Course: A Framework to Evaluate Pension De-Risking Strategies

Published by: Ernst & Young LLP

Volatile market returns and depressed interest rates combined to make managing defined benefit plans challenging. This paper by Ernst & Young LLP, commissioned by Pacific Life Insurance Company, is a comparison of the various solutions available to plan sponsors.

Fight or Flight: Thoughts on Recent Market Volatility

Published by: Quantitative Management Associates

In October of 2014, investors were tested as stock fell sharply. Investors had to ask themselves, is this decline the beginning of something worse? At QMA, we've developed a framework to help address this question that we call RSVP.

Managing Risk: The Active Approach

Published by: OppenheimerFunds

Risk is not a burden to bear. It's a byproduct of active investing and a tool to tap opportunities that a passive strategy doesn't seek. Taking risk is not the same as using it actively toward a set of objectives.

Investment Horizons

Published by: Schroders

Enjoy Schroders' thought leadership on measuring and managing volatility, putting a premium on risk, a guide to insurance-linked securities, breaking the link to benchmarks, a smarter alternative to smart beta and why a more involved portfolio manager can create better returns.

Smart Beta: A Deeper Look at Asset Owner Perceptions

Published by: Russell Investments

Smart beta poses an interesting opportunity and challenge for asset owners, managers and consultants as the industry discussion evolves. This report of survey findings provides insights into the asset owner evaluation process and outlook on smart beta.

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