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Growth and Inflation…Not Rates

Published by: Western Asset Management

While investors are understandably concerned about the Fed’s timetable for rate increases, there are bigger issues to think about: growth and inflation. Spread sectors seem to be bracing for the worst; see why Western Asset CIO Ken Leech believes that the reality may not be as dire as the markets appear to think.

Evaluating smart beta and other rules-based strategies

Published by: Vanguard

Learn the key differences between smart beta and traditional market-cap-weighted indexing strategies.

From Here to Normality: Fixed Income Investing Amid Shifting Interest Rates

Published by: PineBridge Investments

It's time for investors to reset and evaluate their traditional fixed income portfolio positioning for a new type of rate cycle. Successfully adapting will require repositioning allocations to navigate what's on the horizon. Learn how to prepare for what's next.

Emerging Markets Debt: Building Efficient Allocations

Published by: HSBC Global Asset Management

The growth of Emerging Markets Debt (EMD) comes with considerable complexity, and many investors are not fully aware of their exposures to this multi-dimensional asset class. Here we analyze and evaluate the factors driving EMD returns and discuss how to build efficient, well-diversified EMD portfolios.

Overlay or Pray . . .

Published by: Berenberg Asset Management LLC

Annual volatility and end-of-period asset value can have a meaningful effect on institutional investors. Most investment committees are not set up to make tactical allocations at times of market stress. Risk overlay solves this problem.

Adapting portfolios to evolving risk in emerging-market debt

Published by: Eaton Vance

The growth of index-based investing in emerging-market debt exposes such strategies to increasing levels of systemic, developed-market risk. Actively managed strategies that incorporate off-benchmark countries are essential to building portfolio allocations that are more closely aligned with unique emerging-market fundamentals.

How Can You Help Your Employees Retire?

Published by: Morningstar Investment Management

You’ve read the headlines about retirement: employees aren’t prepared and employers aren’t confident. Retirement is in trouble. But the path toward solving the problem isn’t as well-defined. Download Whitepaper from Morningstar Investment Management: How Can You Help Your Employees Retire?

Getting Real Exposure: Implementing a Real Asset Strategy

Published by: QMA

Real assets have found a place in the strategic asset allocation mix of most institutional investors and can play many roles in a diversified portfolio, including total return potential, diversification from low correlations, and inflation sensitivity.

Emerging Market Debt: A Blended Approach

Published by: Aberdeen Asset Management

With emerging market debt it may pay to be adventurous and blended. Constructing an optimal portfolio across countries, instruments and industries helps diversify your fixed income approach. With 70 emerging market investment professionals, Aberdeen roams the globe for sources of income and yield.

When and Where to Go Active

Published by: State Street Global Advisors

After a horrible year for many active managers, Marcus Schulmerich argues that we’re entering one of those periods that should be considerably friendlier for active management. Yet, in some ways that only increases the challenge of distinguishing true active alpha from more systematic approaches disguised as alpha.

Why Momentum Matters in International Small Cap Investing

Published by: ClearBridge Investments

Think international small cap performance is mainly driven by faster growth, less analytical coverage and shorter operating history? Think again. Momentum plays an often overlooked role—yet it can enhance return potential when captured with a multi-dimensional view.

A (mis)calculated risk: How focusing on the wrong risk has undermined wealth preservation strategies

Published by: Schroders

Finding an innovative and balanced growth and preservation strategy is the next frontier for successful wealth preservation. How prepared are you for this journey? At Schroders, innovation and forward-thinking are part of our 210-year investment heritage. Find out more.

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