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Pensions & Investments is expanding the thought leadership content on to increase the amount of industry research and findings available to our readers.

The editors are seeking articles that provide readers with new ideas about, and insight into, institutional money management and pension fund investment management.

While most of the articles likely will be about sophisticated investment management ideas, the website also is the ideal place to give readers basic information that might not be readily available to them elsewhere, such as educating pension trustees about how to write a request for proposals, or giving them a primer on hedge fund investing.

Articles to be considered for publishing on must be submitted in MS Word and should not contain cover sheets or promotions. Articles should be under 1,200 words, but longer pieces will be considered. Graphics such as charts, tables and graphs also should be submitted seperately in GIF or PNG format, and should be complete, final and ready for publishing.

Pensions & Investments reserves the right to edit the submissions and to accept or reject anything submitted.

The telephone number of the author must be included so editors can contact the writer to answer any questions that arise during editing. The edited paper will not be returned to the author before publishing; exceptions will be made if substantive editing or cutting was done, or if significant fact-checking is necessary.

Any person, organization or company whose materials are selected for publishing on will be required to sign a customary form agreeing to grant a license, at no charge, to Pensions & Investments to display the materials on By signing the form, you will affirm the materials are accurate and do not contain any libelous or otherwise unlawful subject matter. Further, you agree to indemnify and hold Pensions & Investments and its parent company harmless in any litigation or other third-party dispute.

To submit an Industry Voices article, or for more information, contact Matthew Wurtzel, Online Editor, at (212) 210-0119 or e-mail

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