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Multi-Asset Outlook: Positioning for a Global Growth Bounce

Published by: PineBridge Investments

We believe we are heading into a period with more - and bigger - winners and losers. It's never been more important to focus on fundamentals. Learn more about the forces that will shape markets, and where we see opportunity.

The Persistence of Smart Beta

Published by: S&P Dow Jones Indices

When evaluating investments linked to non-standard indices, investors should first ask if the anomaly is expected to persist, as well as if a particular vehicle is well-designed to exploit the factor.

Women versus men in DC plans

Published by: Vanguard

Learn the factors driving a sizeable difference in 401(k) wealth accumulation between men and women.

The Dividends of a Quality and Growth Factor Approach

Published by: WisdomTree Asset Management, Inc.

Quality can be measured in a variety of ways and we think that earnings consistency or growth, low debt and high return on equity are common threads. We’ve seen over time, focusing on quality has generated out-performance over different periods.


Published by: BNY Mellon and P&I Content Solutions Group

Changing dynamics in investment management and related operations have driven some asset owners to add new asset classes to their internal mix, while others choose to outsource the associated investment operations. BNY Mellon and Pensions & Investments conducted a survey to examine the decisions that asset owners face when structuring an asset management model.

Absolute Return Fixed Income: What It Is, How It Works, and Who It Is For

Published by: Fischer Francis Trees & Watts, a BNP Paribas Investment Partner

Investors are becoming more familiar with absolute return but with only the broadest overall definition. It’s not easy to identify what the product is or the problems it may solve. This paper defines absolute return and explains the characteristics to be aware of when evaluating the asset class.

Product comprehension: From the mind of the TDF investor

Published by: Vanguard

In this first of three papers, Vanguard experts present key findings from Vanguard's target-date fund investor survey.

Target-Date Funds Roundtable

Published by: P&I Content Solutions Group

P&I and a panel of experts look ahead to the ways target-date funds continue to evolve to further enhance Americans’ retirement security.

The Pension Risk Transfer Market at $260 Billion: Innovation, Globalization and Growth

Published by: Prudential Retirement

The international pension risk transfer marketplace is experiencing remarkable growth, with more than $260 billion in transactions completed since 2007. Hundreds of companies have transferred pension risk, with at least 40 pension funds executing transactions over $1 billion.

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