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The Evolution of Trading: From Quarters to Pennies and Beyond

Published by: INTECH

This paper explores the evolution of the U.S. equity markets as well as how investors can potentially benefit from the changes of the last 25 years utilizing careful, diligent portfolio implementation and appropriate measures to control the risks this new structure presents.

Investment Horizons

Published by: Schroders

Enjoy Schroders' thought leadership on measuring and managing volatility, putting a premium on risk, a guide to insurance-linked securities, breaking the link to benchmarks, a smarter alternative to smart beta and why a more involved portfolio manager can create better returns.

No Portfolio Is an Island

Published by: Morningstar

Financial assets are one component of total wealth. But as part of our financial picture, human capital, housing wealth, and pensions have exposures to different asset classes and risk factors. What happens when we consider these in when creating portfolios?

The Evolution of Smart Beta ETFs

Published by: Invesco PowerShares

Invesco PowerShares partnered with Cogent Research, a division of Market Strategies International, to conduct a research project on the smart beta trend. The Evolution of Smart Beta ETFs Report by Cogent confirms that the use of smart beta ETFs among institutional decision makers is poised for continued growth.

Better Participant Outcomes Through In-Plan Guaranteed Retirement Income

Published by: Prudential Retirement

With more than 7,000 plans now offering Prudential's in-plan guaranteed retirement income option, we conducted studies to determine how in-plan guaranteed retirement income options have impacted participants' preparedness for retirement and improved their retirement outcomes. This paper details the findings.

Emerging Markets: Countries and Companies Matter

Published by: Charles Schwab

China and other emerging market countries represent significant investment opportunities. There are also a number of risks, including geopolitical risks, economic uncertainty, currency fluctuations, and a lack of open and regulated financial markets. The challenge for investors is how to efficiently access these markets.

Investing in emerging markets bonds in an unconstrained framework

Published by: HSBC Global Asset Management

Benchmarks serve a clear purpose in investment management, providing starting points for portfolio construction and evaluation of performance versus passive alternatives. We describe a different way to establish a strategic allocation to emerging markets bonds through a benchmark agnostic approach.

Portable Alpha 2.0

Published by: Prudential

Although perceptions of portable alpha may have dimmed recently, the difficulty of consistent alpha generation remains. As a result, interest in portable alpha has returned with the realization that liquid and uncorrelated alpha engines are paramount to a successful strategy.

Lengthening the Investment Time Horizon

Published by: MFS

"Lengthening the investment time horizon" highlights the way in which investors are increasingly short term in their orientation, posits reasons for this, and argues that an investment arbitrage opportunity exists for differentiated performance when securities are held for longer time periods.

How America Saves 2014: A report on Vanguard 2013 defined contribution plan data.

Published by: Vanguard

How America Saves is a valuable reference tool providing analysis of the saving and investing trends in DC plans at Vanguard. The report also offers insights into current issues affecting DC plans including: contribution trends, automatic plan features, use of target-date funds, and use of advice.

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