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Global Future of Retirement Post Conference Wrap-Up

Publication Date : July 7, 2014

A post conference roundup


Challenge of income adequacy perplexes execs

Speakers stress the need for flexibility to span generations.

Risk from liquidity to regulation a concern for investment execs

Investment professionals talk about their concerns

Oranges and a live goat: Some tricky questions in governance addressed

What do a hot potato, a live goat and a basket of oranges have in common? It might sound like the setup for a punch line, but in fact these three elements represent the thorny issue of governance.

Pluses, minuses of retirement policies around globe analyzed

Retirement policy was the topic of conversation for the closing round table.

Bogle: Mandates not needed; compensation ‘out of control’

John C. “Jack” Bogle is firmly against mandates when it comes to everything, from setting a single retirement age to requiring that employers set up retirement savings plans to creating a retirement income adequacy target.

Education secretary pushes need for financial literacy

Arne Duncan says seeing so many without savings has him concerned.

They said it, we tweeted it

Quotes and quips from conference speakers shared on the Internet by P&I reporters and editors.

Video sound bites

CalSTRS’ Ailman talks about longevity risk, leverage

Christopher J. Ailman, the CIO of the California State Teachers' Retirement System, discusses savings rates in defined contribution plans and the pension fund use of leverage.

Robert Merton explains why NAV gives DC participants the wrong message

MIT economist Robert Merton explains why NAV gives defined contribution participants the wrong message about retirement savings.

P&I’s Chris Battaglia on the challenges facing the world’s largest retirement plans

Listen to P&I's Publisher Chris Battaglia sum up the challenges facing the world's largest retirement plans from his presentation at the Global Future of Retirement Conference.

BP’s Greg Williamson talks about using smart-beta

Greg Williamson, the CIO of BP America's pension fund, talks about smart-beta and tilts during a panel discussion at P&I's Investment Innovation and Global Future of Retirement Conference.

Jack Bogle says CEO pay is ‘out of hand’

Vanguard founder and former CEO Jack Bogle speaking at the P&I Investment Innovation and Global Future of Retirement conference discusses CEO pay, corporate governance, and shareholder activism.

Solange Berstein explain how Chile is using lifecycle investment strategies

In Chile, lifecycle investment strategies are helping to improve retirement, said Solange Berstein, former head of the Pension Supervisory Authority, which oversees the institutions involved in Chile's pension system.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan explains the importance of financial literacy

In conversation with Ariel Investments president Mellody Hobson, Education Secretary Arne Duncan explains the importance of financial literacy at P&I's Investment Innovation and Global Future of Retirement conference.

UniSuper’s David Schneider explains how the superannuation fund dynamically manages risk

David Schneider, head of research and quant methods at Australia's UniSuper Management Pty Ltd., explains how the superannuation fund manages risk independently of asset class and strategy.

Stuart Leckie addresses China’s looming retirement crisis

Stuart H. Leckie, founding chairman of the Hong Kong Retirement Schemes Association, addresses China's looming retirement crisis.

Video interviews

BlackRock’s Novick addresses the U.S. retirement crisis

Barbara Novick, vice chairman of BlackRock, talks about some of the possible solutions to the U.S. retirement crisis including public-private plans.

Florida SBA’s Ash Williams talks about the politics of public plans

Ash Williams, CIO of the Florida State Board of Administration, discusses the politics surrounding public retirement plans.

Textron’s Charles Van Vleet explains DC plan design, DB investing

Charles Van Vleet, Assistant Treasurer and CIO of Textron Inc., discusses the industrial conglomerate's defined contribution design and pension fund investments and governance.

Pension trustee Emanuel Pleitez explains why L.A. Fire and Police dropped hedge funds

Los Angeles Fire & Police Pension commissioner Emanuel Pleitez discusses manager fees and why the pension fund dropped its hedge fund investments.

Callan’s Lori Lucas discusses the use of auto features

Callan Associates' executive vice president and defined contribution practice leader Lori Lucas discusses the use of auto features with P&I senior reporter Arleen Jacobius.

CFA Institute’s Jonathan Boersma discusses GIPS compliance

Jonathan Boersma of the CFA Institute discusses how pension funds are adopting GIPS compliance as a form of best practices.

Attorney Ian Lanoff talks about plan governance

Groom Law Group principal Ian Lanoff discusses pension plan governance.

Oxford’s Gordon Clark discusses the U.K. retirement problem

Gordon Clark, director-Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment at the University of Oxford in England, in an interview explains the lack of retirement planning in the U.K. and praises the Australian Superannuation model.

Reading Health’s Todd Hassler discusses DC plan redesign after a pension freeze

Todd Hassler, Reading Health System's retirement plan manager, talks about redesigning the organization's 403(b) plan following a pension plan freeze.

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend explains how states can promote retirement planning

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, former Lt. Governor of Maryland, explains how her state is studying how it can promote retirement planning.

Paul Todd talks about how the U.S., Australia inspired NEST

Paul Todd, NEST's assistant director for investments, explains how Australia, U.S. and Northern Europe helped shape the U.K. defined contribution plan's design and investments.

EBRI’s Salisbury talks about retirement readiness

Dallas Salisbury, the CEO of Employee Benefit Research Institute, discusses the state of retirement readiness in the U.S. and how it compares elsewhere in the world.

NZ Super’s David Iverson talks about investing, governance

David Iverson, New Zealand Superannuation Fund's head of asset allocation, talks with P&I's Christine Williamson about the fund's investment strategies and governance.

OECD’s Pablo Antolin says people need to wait longer to retire

Pablo Antolín-Nicolás, Organization for Economic Co-Operation & Development economist, explains how governments can encourage people to work longer and save more for retirement through matching contributions and other incentives.