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Global future of retirement 2017

Publication Date : June 29, 2017

Money managers, pension fund executives, corporate leaders and other experts share insights and expertise about the challenges facing the retirement industry worldwide, at P&I’s annual Global Future of Retirement conference.

Stories from the conference

Trump’s policies on economy, Russia, China are still unknown, Bob Woodward tells conference

Washington Post veteran Bob Woodward also says president's philosophy is that ‘real power is fear.’

Investors finding opportunity in venture capital, technology

Institutional investors are finding investment opportunities in the disruptive nature of technology and venture capital.

Make financial education simpler, go beyond retirement savings

Financial education requires simplicity and a recognition that financial literacy must expand beyond retirement savings, say plan sponsors.

Pension fund executive director warns of coming pension fund defaults

Public and private U.S. defined benefit plans could face growing defaults over the coming decade, says Sanford Rich of the New York City Board of Education Retirement System.

U.S. needs to get away from employer-sponsored retirement plans, keynote speaker says

Author Michael S. Falk says health care and retirement plans should be disconnected, saying that “employers aren't in the retirement business.”

Educating participants important to keeping a retirement plan sustainable

Educating retirement plan participants is key to sustainable plan design, experts say.

Workers want flexibility in transitioning to retirement, but few employers have phased programs

Nearly a third of workers globally say they want a flexible transition to their retirement, but only 1 in 4 of employers have phased retirement programs.

India, Africa could push globe into growth mode, conference speaker says

The rise of the middle class in India and Africa could prove a trump card for a global economy otherwise facing long-term headwinds to growth.

Fee transparency could challenge plan sponsors looking for high-return investments

Transparency on fees might prove challenging for plan sponsors, Stanford University researcher Ashby Monk says.

Non-traditional, contract workers face greater retirement challenge

The increasing number of non-traditional workers presents a challenge to employers, government and society as a whole to prepare these workers for adequate savings.

Lower returns, rising cost of benefits and higher operating costs challenge pension funds

A trifecta of headwinds is challenging the pension management industry today, says Ontario Pension Board CEO and President Mark J. Fuller.

Speakers extol benefits of good pension fund governance

Good governance is about alignment of goals, leadership, independence from political pressure and showing stakeholders the value of contributing to pension funds.

Asset owners can still do more regarding ESG

Environmental, social and governance investing has matured and pension funds have become more sophisticated at incorporating the practice into portfolios, but asset owners can still do more, say experts.

Retirement becoming a whole new game

American workers, employers and the government are going to have to get used to a new definition of retirement and retirement plans.

Few bright spots beckoning on the investment horizon

GFOR conference panelists said the market and economic challenges facing pension plans now will place a premium on governance and innovation.

For DC plans, best advice is to keep message simple

Making retirement readiness and financial literacy information simple is hard.

U.S. exit from Paris accord called ‘gift’ for awareness

President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris pact boosts flows to ESG-related investments.

Videos from the conference

Bob Woodward, award-winning journalist from The Washington Post (Part 2)

The Washington Post's Bob Woodward talks about politics, media and covering presidents from the Nixon era to the Trump administration.

Bob Woodward, award-winning journalist from The Washington Post (Part 1)

Bob Woodward talks about the early days of the Trump administration and what it may mean for the future of the global economy and impact on financial markets.

David C. John, strategic policy adviser, AARP Public Policy Institute

No one country has the solution to its retirement challenges, but many nations offer something worth considering, says David C. John.

Fiona Reynolds, managing director, UN Principles for Responsible Investment

UN PRI's Fiona Reynold's talks about President Donald Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement.

Greg Williamson, chief investment officer at American Red Cross

Greg Williamson, CIO of the American Red Cross, discusses his strategy for factor-based investing in the management of retirement assets.

Vikram Mansharamani, president of Kelan Advisors LLC

As passive investing become more popular, Vikram Mansharamani asks whether money managers should reconsider whether passive is the right strategy.

Stanford University’s Ashby Monk

Stanford University's Ashby Monk addresses some of the challenges facing global pension fund investors.

Ed Farrington, Natixis Global Asset Management

Social investing is a growing trend and Ed Farrington says plan sponsors are right to ask questions on how to incorporate ESG criteria into their investment policy statements.

Joshua Gotbaum, guest scholar, the Brookings Institution

Joshua Gotbaum says legislation that passed in Maryland offers a model to other states looking to implement their own retirement plans for private sector-workers without access to one.

Keith P. Ambachtsheer, University of Toronto

Keith P. Ambachtsheer talks about insourcing and outsourcing and the role governance plays in creating a sustainable pension plan.

Rick Funston, managing partner, Funston Advisory Services LLC

Rick Funston tells P&I that good governance is ultimately about improving the performance of organizations charged with offering participants retirement security.

Heribert Karch, chairman of the German Pension Association

Heribert Karch talks about the challenges facing Germans in funding retirement -- especially younger workers, who express some wariness about defined contribution plans.

Catherine Collinson, executive director, Aegon Center for Longevity and Retirement

Catherine Collinson provides insight into the challenges countries around the world are facing in helping workers to prepare for retirement.

Lisa Massena, executive director, OregonSaves

Lisa Massena tells P&I about Oregon's efforts to help residents who don't have access to an employer-sponsored retirement plan to save for the future.