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Credit: Investors' appetite growing; managers' job getting harder

Publication Date : April 17, 2017


Managers boosting credit offerings

Money managers are betting investors will continue to shift a portion of real estate allocations to credit and that the new money pouring in won't swamp the investment opportunity.

Investors’ clamor for private credit could hurt returns

Credit managers are raising mountains of capital for private credit vehicles just as some industry insiders recommend investor caution in light of faltering returns.

Risk retention rules open opportunities for some credit managers

Some credit managers see investment opportunities in helping managers of collateralized loan obligations cope with the new risk retention requirements.

Institutional appetite for private credit remains voracious

Institutional investors have been gorging themselves on alternative credit for more than half a decade, and their collective appetite shows little sign of abating.


Graphic: Alternative credit skyrockets

Investment in private credit by institutions, in millions of dollars.