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Outlook 2013

Publication Date : January 7, 2013

Institutional investment strategists generally paint an upbeat outlook for 2013, including the S&P 500 and emerging markets, while seeing little chance of recession in a weak but slowly strengthening economy.


Forecast optimistic for new year

Most see stronger economy, little chance of recession.

Retirement issues likely to dovetail with tax reform

The Washington outlook for retirement and investment policy in 2013 can be summed up in one word: revenue.

Hedge funds to see brighter opportunities in 2013

But lower revenues might result as institutional investors successfully push fees down.

Fewer good real estate deals seen for otherwise OK new year

Real estate is expected to remain in favor with investors in 2013, but good deals and managers with attractive investment opportunities will be harder to come by, industry insiders say.

Easy credit could prompt some setbacks for PE firms in new year

High valuation levels of 2012 might spell trouble ahead.

Sleepless nights over eurozone, China to extend into new year

Pension fund, endowment and money management executives cited the eurozone crisis, China and the fiscal cliff among the top issues that occupied their minds in 2012.

Mixed opinions on the prospects of bonds in 2013

On the riskiest and the best asset classes for the new year, Treasury bonds fell into both camps, depending on the strategist.