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Innovator Awards: Recognizing trailblazing DC plan initiatives

Publication Date : November 12, 2012

New P&I/DCIIA award lauds defined contribution plan executives for thinking outside the box.

Feature stories

5 ‘gutsy’ DC plan execs are honored with Innovator Awards

The five Innovator Award recipients ranged from those creating programs that sound like case studies of the awards' purpose to drive successful outcomes for plan participants to those proving that innovation is found in context as well as in content.

How the Innovator process worked

About 50 defined contribution plan executives were nominated for Innovator Awards in this inaugural year. The entire process from nomination through judging was online.

Profiles of the winners

Innovator Award winner: Carol Cypert

Created custom target-date funds with more than the usual investment choices.

Innovator Award winner: Kevin Hanney

Worked hard to convince execs to start a retirement income option.

Innovator Award winner: Dan Holupchinski

Embarked on a gutsy program to ensure retirees get 90% of income.

Innovator Award winner: Bernie Knobbe

Used technology to raise worker awareness on retirement.

Innovator Award winner: Barbara Kontje

Made retirement education a top priority for participants.

Web Extra: Videos

Amex’s Barbara Kontje discusses retirement education

Barbara Kontje, director of global retirement and smart saving for American Express' 401(k) plan, talks about her team's decision to produce as much virtual education as possible for the 5,000 employees who work off-site.

San Francisco Employees’ Carol Cypert discusses custom target-date funds

Carol Cypert and her team at the City and County of San Francisco Employees Retirement System's deferred compensation program decided to use custom target-date funds that include alternatives.

UTC’s Kevin Hanney discusses lifetime income option

The key to achieving an innovative lifetime income option is not only educating participants but also educating key stakeholders, says Kevin Hanney, director of non-U.S. pensions and savings plans at United Technologies Corp.

Deluxe’s Dan Holupchinski discusses income replacement

Dan Holupchinski felt strongly about changing the design of Deluxe Corp.'s 401(k) plan so participants would have 90% of their income at retirement.