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State of investment outsourcing

Publication Date : July 9, 2012

As investment choices become more complex, funds are turning to investment outsource providers for help, only to find a plethora of options and services from consultants and managers.


Clients seeing plethora of choice

Institutional demand for investment outsourcing is accelerating, even as a lack of consensus on best practices in the fast-growing, crowded market segment makes it hard to predict who the winners of an eventual industry shakeout will be.

Complexity pushes funds to seek help

Intricate investments, whipsaw volatility convince more funds to see outsourcing as the answer.

Web Extra: Videos

Cambridge Associates’ Margaret Chen discusses the growth of investment outsourcing

Cambridge Associates' Margaret Chen says demand for investment outsourcing from pension funds and endowments and foundations has more than doubled since 2010.

Web Extra: Webcast

State of investment outsourcing webcast

Join P&I's Online Editor, Matthew Wurtzel, and industry guests Thomas Heck, CIO of Ball State Endowment, and Carlos Panksep, Managing Director of the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence, as we examine the state of investment outsourcing.