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The next step in ESG

Publication Date : January 23, 2012

Main story:

Making sure ESG works is next step in its evolution

Managers and investors are developing tools to measure added value


ESG skilled investment professionals in demand

As ESG teams increase in size, education programs grow to keep up with demand.

Towers Watson shifting ESG focus even more long term

Resource scarcity, environmental woes pushing investing time horizons to 20 years.

WebExtra Stories:

Case study: Adoption of RPI at Bentall Kennedy

This article offers insight into how the lofty goals of responsible property investment — the real-estate-specific application of environmental, social and governance principles — take shape in the context of the complexities of fiduciary management of large institutional real estate portfolios.

A case for adding morally responsible investing to a DC plan

When it comes to investing, most defined contribution plan participants focus simply on the bottom line the rate of return generated and how much money they made. Many investors don't consider that the companies in which they invest might violate their strong personal beliefs.

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