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Balance Sheet: The funded status of corporate pension funds 2016

Publication Date : April 18, 2016

The funded status of the top 100 corporate pension plans.


Largest DB plans see no gains in funding

In a year when the nation's largest corporate defined benefit plans saw a 5.7% aggregate decrease in liabilities, funding levels barely budged. The culprit: a combination of low returns that hovered around zero and declining contributions for the third straight year.


Charting corporate pension funding status through the years

See a series of graphs and charts showing the funded status of the top 100 corporate pension funds.


Corporate pension funding report card

Assets down, and contributions plummet for the 100 largest corporate pension funds in 2015.


Corporate pension plan funded status

The largest corporate pension plans ranked by funding ratio -- plan assets as a percentage of benefit obligation -- as of Dec. 31, 2015, unless otherwise noted.