Director of Enterprise Risk Management and Compliance

Company:South Carolina Retirement System Investment Commission

We are the South Carolina Retirement System Investment Commission (RSIC). We are a professional investment management organization that manages more than $28 Billion on behalf of over 500,000 plan participants. The RSIC invests across a number of asset classes including public equities, private equity, private debt, real estate and fixed income. At RSIC, you can look forward to:

• Working in a collaborative, team-based environment with a highly qualified and professional staff with diverse backgrounds.
• An environment that values teamwork, integrity, intellectual curiosity, and humility as well as focuses on results and recognizes high performance.

If we want to achieve our mission of ensuring the future of the beneficiaries of the South Carolina Retirement System, we must constantly challenge ourselves to ensure that we have a best in class approach and that we are in compliance with all Federal, State, and internal policy requirements. This is why your ability to be an intuitive and disciplined Enterprise Risk, Compliance and Internal Audit professional will be counted on greatly as you help the organization to positively impact the lives of our plan’s beneficiaries.

We are looking for a bright, energetic, well-organized, and effective Director of Enterprise Risk, Compliance and Internal Audit who has a strong investment process background, and an ability to identify potential enterprise risks and to recommend ways to address them so to enable us to meet our fiduciary obligations to the plan and its beneficiaries.

Job Responsibilities:
Oversees the Commissions’ enterprise risk management, compliance, and internal audit processes and programs to ensure that the Commission, Management, and Staff are aware of and in compliance with laws, regulations, policies, procedures and behaviors associated with the Commission’s standards of conduct and regulatory and best practice operational excellence.

1. Create and sustain a business partnership through which Enterprise Risk Management/Compliance/Audit works in conjunction with RSIC management and staff to ensure a thorough understanding of applicable laws, policies, and procedures as well as to ensure organization-wide high ethical standards and regulatory and best practice compliance.
2. Oversee the Enterprise Risk Management/Compliance/Audit function to identify and help manage key risks at the enterprise level. Develop and execute programs and plans for educating staff, assessing the portfolio’s and employees’ compliance with policies and other regulations, and consulting to support business units in the development of their own risk management assessment, monitoring, and risk response activities.
3. Conduct risk assessments and work with the Audit Committee to create annual and ongoing internal audit plan. Coordinate external consulting engagements and their audit resources to assess compliance with regulations, policies, and internal controls as identified within the audit plan.
4. Develop effective lines of communication with and regular reporting to the Audit Committee, the Commission, and RSIC management on the results of risk assessments, compliance with regulations and other requirements, and on the status of the Enterprise Risk Management/Compliance/Audit program.
Acceptable Requirements:
• Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance or related field.
• CPA professional certification.
• 5+ years of experience in the financial services industry, including three years of experience and management responsibility in compliance, audit, and/or enterprise risk management, preferably in an institutional asset management environment (e.g. pension fund, endowment, fund of funds, consultant).
• Working knowledge of leading industry/best practices for asset management internal controls, compliance, and assessment and experience in developing processes and controls as well as in measuring their effectiveness.
• Knowledge of alternative investment strategies and associated operational risks.
• Ability to work with senior management to gain consensus on matters relating to enterprise risk management and internal controls strategy, planning, implementation and reporting.
• Strong analytical, critical thinking and decision-making skills.
• High personal initiative and self-starter capabilities as well as an ability to prioritize and organize work and delegate assignments.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

• Master’s degree in business, finance or accounting.
• CFA, CAIA, FRM, GARP, CRMA or other relevant professional credential.
• 3 years of experience in compliance or audit plus 1-2 years of experience with enterprise risk management.

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