Executive Director

Company:City of Austin Employees’ Retirement System

The City of Austin Employees’ Retirement System (COAERS), located in Austin, TX, is seeking an Executive Director to succeed the current Executive Director who plans to retire in early 2015. COAERS administers retirement, disability, and death benefit programs for regular full-time employees of the City of Austin, excluding the mayor, members of the City Council, and commissioned civil service police officers and firefighters. The approximately $2.2B investment portfolio is managed by external managers. The System employs 14, with about a $2.8M operating budget, excluding direct investment expenses. As of December 31, 2013, COAERS funded ratio was 70.4%.

The Executive Director reports to the 11-member Board of COAERS, serves as the chief executive officer, and is an at-will appointee. Responsible for day-to-day management of the System, the Executive Director’s key areas of responsibilities include providing vision, leadership, new ideas and options for management of COAERS and its employees; establishing and maintaining good relationships with the Board of Trustees, City officials and agencies, and the State legislature; serving (along with the Board Chair) as the chief spokesperson for the System; and, working with the Board, the CIO and the investment consultant to oversee the investment program of the System. The Executive Director has four direct reports: Chief Operations Officer, Chief Finance Officer, Chief Investment Officer, and Executive Assistant.

Viable candidates will have significant leadership experience within a public pension system or financially oriented customer service organization; experience working with/reporting to a board; a track record utilizing technology to enhance operational performance; a record of tenure and consistent career growth; experience in staff recruitment and development; and experience working with elected and appointed officials. An advanced degree is preferred.

Elena McCall, Assistant Vice President, EFL ASSOCIATES, or 720-200-7021.