Aon Hewitt's Ari Jacobs discusses pension settlements

Runtime: 5:03

Evercore's Bill Ryan discusses why a plan sponsor should consider an independent fiduciary

Runtime: 3:39

NISA's David Eichhorn discusses the firm-level risk implications of choosing a de-risking strategy

Runtime: 4:11

Deutsche Bank's Kevin McLaughlin discusses whether analysts understand pension risk

Runtime: 3:18

MetLife's Naomi Zwerling explains the difference between a DB plans' accounting liability and its economic liability

Runtime: 2:50

Prudential's Peggy McDonald & Scott Gaul discuss how a plan sponsor considering the path to de-risking should prepare

Runtime: 3:00

GM's Preston Crabill talks about engineering a pension buyout

Runtime: 3:42

Ontario Teachers' Jim Leech talks about pension reform

Runtime: 7:05