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Helping Participants Get on Course to a Secure Retirement
Firm: Alliance Bernstein Defined Contribution Investments
Overview: Most workers want a steady income stream in retirement, but they're not keen on any traditional choices offered to them. And the foibles of human behavior make retirement savings and income decisions even more difficult. This paper examines whether annuities may be the answer.

How Did We Lose Confidence in a Secure Retirement
Firm: Alliance Bernstein Defined Contribution Investments
Overview: Retirement insecurity poses a daunting problem for America. The traditional safety nets are under siege, and consumers face rising healthcare costs and falling coverage. Can the security be put back in retirement security? This paper examines the shifting social contract.

Making a Secure Retirement Solution Work
Firm: Alliance Bernstein Defined Contribution Investments
Overview: A lifetime income solution within a defined contribution plan needs to provide control and certainty for participants, as well as security and flexibility for plan sponsors. Simply put, it needs to work for everybody - now and in the future. Are guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefits the answer?

Annuities as an asset class
Firm: UBS
Overview: The specter of running out of money late in life is one of the primary concerns of participants nearing retirement. Plan sponsors have done a relatively good job ensuring that employees have options to help with the accumulation of wealth and savings, as well as some of the associated risks involved with long-term investing: most notably, diversification, opportunity for growth, and inflation protection. However, there is still a void when looking at the options available to participants when it comes to sustaining income over an undefined period of time (that is, the rest of their lives).