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Low Volatility Investing Summit - UK

A FREE one-day summit exclusively for pension scheme executives and consultants

Conference Overview
Itís an old idea that may have found its moment. Building on academic ideas first floated in the 1960s, low volatility investing seeks to provide consistent equity returns with low volatility over the long term. With whipsawing volatility now seemingly an established feature of equity markets, pension managers realize that they need to find ways to protect their portfolios from these often negative effects. In order to build resilient equity portfolios that outperform while taking less risk than traditional methods of equity investing, investment managers are adopting a range of low volatility equity strategies that suit a range of risk tolerances. At the low risk end, minimum variance portfolios often feature smaller cap stocks with lower valuations, which are optimized using quantitative methods. Other low volatility strategies involve active investing and fundamental research while still using risk management to control volatility through the market cycle. Yet other approaches incorporate convertible bonds. This investing approach does not use familiar capital asset pricing model and efficient market hypotheses. Yet minimum variance portfolios may be more apt for pension funds than traditional equity investing at a moment when pension schemes need to protect and build capital in their stock portfolios.

Low volatility investing offers pension investors a number of advantages over other solutions aimed at boosting returns. Unlike alternative investments, these portfolios are highly liquid, while still providing lower risk and lower volatility. This summit will explain the pros and cons of low volatility investing.

Conference registration is only open to pension scheme executives from corporate, government and union pension funds, including HR executives, employee benefits managers and pension scheme executives, as well as pension fund consultants in order to facilitate an open dialogue for pension investors and create a true learning environment for our participants.

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