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No More Inmates Running the Asylum: The Role of Professional Management in DC Plans

Callan Associates

Thoughtful Alternatives Exposure for DC Participants

Speakers: Fred Conley & Adam McInroy | Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Substance Over Style - An Objectives-Based Approach to DC Investing

Speakers: Jonathan Hubbard, CFA and Ravi Venkataraman, CFA | MFS Investment Management

Engaging the Younger Employee in DC Plan Participation

Speakers: Lee Freitag, Ashish Gandhi & Sergio Rego | Northern Trust

Target Date Portfolios: Solving for a Variety of Participants Risks

Speakers: Jerome Clark & Wyatt Lee | T. Rowe Price

Target Date Funds and Managed Accounts in the DC Lineup: Enhancing Participant Diversification

Speaker: John Ameriks, Steve Utkus & Jean Young | Vanguard

The Investor's Worst Enemy

Speaker: Terrence Odean, Rudd Family Professor of Finance | Haas School of Business, The University of California Berkeley

The Psychology of Decision Making: Implications for 401(k) Choices

Speaker: George Wu, Professor of Behavioral Science | University of Chicago, Booth School of Business

These Aren't the Droids You're Looking For: Jedi Mind Tricks for Influencing 401(k) Choices

Speaker: James J. Choi, Assistant Professor of Finance | Yale School of Management