Top Performing Managers of Domestic Blend Equity, 1st Quarter 2018

Domestic Blend Equity1 year gross return1 year net return
BNY Mellon EB DO Large Cap Core45.1945.56
361 Large Cap Concentrated Equity26.9126.18
361 Large Cap Concentrated Equity – Wrap27.3325.98
361 Large Cap Tax Aware Equity26.9625.82
Van Hulzen Small Cap24.7924.07
Euclid Advisory Large Cap Growth24.4623.11
Federated MDT Large Cap Growth23.4422.58
Wright Large Cap Core Equity22.9922.48
State St Nasdaq-100 Indx® NL Cl A27.4822.33
State St Nasdaq-100 Indx® NL Cl C27.4622.27
Domestic Blend Equity5 year gross return5 year net return
State St Nasdaq-100 Indx® NL Cl A20.0119.93
State St Nasdaq-100 Indx® NL Cl C0.0019.87
Euclid Advisory Large Cap Growth18.9217.56
BNY Mellon EB DO Large Cap Core18.1217.33
Jacobs Levy Small Cap (S&P 600)18.2817.30
BNY Mellon EB DV Dynamic U.S. Equity16.6016.15
Mellon Capital Dynamic U.S. Equity Comp16.5916.03
Wakefield Small Cap Equity17.5015.98
ZPR Fundamental Small Cap Value17.0515.68
Algert US Small Cap16.3915.37

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