Top Performing Managers of Managed Domestic Broad-Market Fixed Income, 1st Quarter 2018

Managed Domestic Broad-Market Fixed Income1 year gross return1 year net return
Schroder Opportunistic Multi-Sector Sec9.989.21
Putnam Fixed Income Global Alpha Plus7.206.54
Prudential Absolute Return Composite6.065.58
PIMCO Income Composite5.474.89
TCW Securitized Opportunities5.794.73
Loomis Sayles MSFD CIT5.294.69
Eaton Vance (EV) Multi-Sector Bond5.044.52
Newfleet Global Multi-Sector Income Comp5.864.43
First Trust Taxable Closed End Fund5.694.31
Guggenheim Fixed Income4.484.13
Managed Domestic Broad-Market Fixed Income5 year gross return5 year net return
Schroder Opportunistic Multi-Sector Sec7.777.15
Schroders Enhanced Securitized6.856.32
PIMCO Income Composite6.125.56
Guggenheim Fixed Income4.554.21
Newfleet Global Multi-Sector Income Comp5.464.05
Loomis Sayles Multi-Sector Full Discretn4.303.96
BW Global Multi-Sector Income (fka GITR)4.663.87
TCW Securitized Opportunities4.913.86
Thornburg Multisector Opportun Sep Acct4.543.86
Federated Strategic Multi-Sector FI Comp4.153.81

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