Top Performing Managers of Domestic Growth Equity, 4th Quarter 2017

Domestic Growth Equity1 year gross return1 year net return
Kayne Anderson Rudnick SC Quality Select65.7263.79
Morgan Stanley (MS) Multi Cap Growth49.8548.41
Morgan Stanley Growth44.9743.94
Elemental Capital Focused Growth44.6043.41
Next Century Growth Small Cap Ultra44.1043.11
Marsico Non-Taxable Select Alpha Growth45.4243.07
Weatherbie Capital – Spec Gr Eq43.0642.34
Advisory Research U.S. All Cap Growth42.5241.36
Integre Large Cap Value41.4241.24
Baron Large Cap Growth Strategy41.8040.89
Domestic Growth Equity5 year gross return5 year net return
Naylor & Company Core Composite25.5622.92
LEIA CBI21.6921.69
Oberweis Micro-Cap Growth22.5921.57
Friess Small Cap Growth21.9920.89
Cookson Peirce All-Cap Equity MA21.4420.84
Kayne Anderson Rudnick SC Sustain Growth21.7620.58
BMO Microcap Equity - Institutional - SA21.5620.35
Renaissance Small Cap Growth20.9520.30
Cognios Quantitative Large Cap Growth20.5420.14
Rice Hall James Micro Cap Opportunities21.0020.02

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