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The Chairman – How Xi Jinping is shaping China’s future

In October, the Chinese National Party Congress will meet to inaugurate Xi Jinping to a second five-year term. Xi is poised to become the most powerful Chinese leader since Chairman Mao. The question now is, what will Xi do with that power?

In a two-part cover story in the latest edition of AIQ, the quarterly magazine from Aviva Investors, we discuss how Xi's administration is shaping China's future at home and abroad. Also, we explore other major themes impacting emerging markets, including education, government reform, and the outlook for financial market performance.

In addition, economist Pippa Malmgren sits down for “The Big Interview” to discuss Trump, trade and technology. Plus, we cover the inequality debate, the illiquidity premium, the risk of asset bubbles, and the potential for responsible investing to move into the mainstream.

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