Top Performing Managers of Domestic Blend Equity, 3rd Quarter 2017

Domestic Blend Equity1 year gross return1 year net return
BNY Mellon EB DO Large Cap Core52.7651.48
Wakefield Small Cap Equity33.8832.16
Ironwood Inv Mgt Conc Small Cap Val33.6532.10
Allianz US Systematic Small Cap32.1731.52
Kestrel Inv Mgt Corp. Sm-Cap Val Eq30.8929.71
The Capital Mgt Corp SMID30.3329.70
Clark Navigator All Cap Core30.0029.55
The Capital Mgt Corp All Cap Equity Comp30.4729.46
TCW New America Premier Equities29.9428.96
The Boston Opportunistic Investor34.4328.45
Domestic Blend Equity5 year gross return5 year net return
Federated MDT Sm-Cap Core20.0818.91
Wakefield Small Cap Equity20.0118.45
Jacobs Levy Small Cap (S&P 600)19.4218.43
361 U.S. Small Cap Equity19.6618.39
BNY Mellon EB DO Large Cap Core19.1318.08
State St Nasdaq-100 Indx® NL Cl A20.0117.88
ZPR Fundamental Small Cap Value19.1917.82
State St Nasdaq-100 Indx® NL Cl C0.0017.82
The Capital Mgt Corp SMID18.4517.77
BMO Disciplined Small-Cap Core18.8017.76