Top Performing Managers of Domestic Value Equity, 3rd Quarter 2017

Domestic Value Equity1 year gross return1 year net return
Pacific Ridge Capital Ptnrs Micro Cp Val38.2135.55
Donald Smith & Co. Md-Cap Val Eq34.0933.72
Towle & Co. Deep Value33.3332.39
ZPR Volume Momentum33.6931.34
Allianz Mid Cap Value 10031.8730.77
DGHM Micro Cap31.7730.22
Schneider Capital Mgt Sm-Cap Val31.2629.72
Knightsbridge Asset Mgt Opp Val30.4829.05
Walthausen & Co Small Cap Value Comp29.7928.99
Cooke & Bieler Small Cap Value Equity29.9928.71
Domestic Value Equity5 year gross return5 year net return
Towle & Co. Deep Value21.5520.69
Pacific Ridge Capital Ptnrs Micro Cp Val22.5720.66
O'Shaughnessy Micro Cap21.2819.99
Cooke & Bieler Small Cap Value Equity18.9318.07
PIMCO StocksPLUS Long Duration18.4417.87
Federated MDT Sm-Cap Val19.0317.85
Lyrical U.S. Value Equity – EQ19.5517.82
Smith Graham Mid-Cap Value18.6217.74
Alpha Quant Value Equity19.0117.71
DGHM Micro Cap19.1017.70

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